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Welcome to the High Plains Ghost Town
Preservation Project, a non-government
organization dedicated to the
preservation of Colorado plains ghost
towns, many of Dust Bowl origin. The
project seeks to preserve abandoned
places on the Colorado prairie and
beyond, including the Pawnee
Grasslands, through education and
memorializing. Accomplishments over
the last ten years have included
museum exhibits, a free genealogical
research service, tours to the sites,
programs, and advocacy of historical
recognition. Future projects include
the construction of markers at
prairie ghost towns.

Use the links at left to navigate this site
and contact us with questions or
comments. Use our resources to learn
the science behind ghost towns and ghost
town exploration. Please also check out
details on how to order the Fading
Echoes book, an illustrated guide to
ghost towns of the Colorado prairies.

Happy Ghost Towning!

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